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Donate to EMRG

How do I make a donation to EMRG?

EMRG is a non-profit organization that is run purely by student volunteers. Although we are funded by UTSC and we do have fundraising programs, we are still in need of sponsors in order to upgrade our equipment, provide training and certification to our staff, buy necessary medical equipment, and make an all-around better team.

You may wish to sponsor us financially, with medical equipment, or merchandise which we can fund-raise from. Any contributions will be welcomed and appreciated. As a sponsor, your organization will be affiliated to our team and as such will be promoted by our team.

We participate in numerous events throughout out the year including, frosh week, clubs week, dances and so forth. We also provide pamphlets and merchandise to new students. Once apart of our team, your organization's name will also be promoted at all these events.

If you are interested in sponsoring us or simply wish to know more about our team.

For more information

contact: finance@emrgatutsc.com